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The Mainstay Farm Park Wine Terrace and silo.
The different types of wine offered (rose, red, and white) in Mainstay Farm park wine glasses and a wine glass of Mainstay Farm park wine corks.

Texas Made

We are also a winery! Mainstay Farm’s soil — Gasil Fine Sandy Loam — is perfect for growing grapes. Working with Texas A&M’s viticulturist we selected three varietals suited for our 7.4 pH soil. Lomanto (a semi-sweet red with low tannins), Champanel (a large black grape making a fruit-forward red), and Blanc Du Bois (a green grape making either a dry white or semi-sweet). Our vineyards are managed and irrigated. Our resident viticulturists were trained four years by a major California grower prior to joining Mainstay Farm.


Available by the glass or bottle, Red or White, we delight any palate: semi-sweet white, dry white, sweet red, dry red blend, and dry red. Plus, you’ll want to try Mainstay’s own special seasonal wine chillers.

We welcome you to come out and enjoy our wine and our farm.

 - Jim & Marianna Wilson

*Must be 21 or better to enjoy alcoholic beverages.

A close-up of green grapes grown on property at Mainstay.

Come experience our Texas Made wine right here in Cleburne, TX! 

An older couple holding a large red bucket-full of red grapes.

VIsIt Us!

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