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To apply, fill out our online application linked below

or click here to get in touch with our HR Department!

Families come to Mainstay Farm to have fun, so Mainstay’s culture requires our staff to have fun while serving our guests. We’ve figured out guests will have fun if our staff is having fun. When we recruit, we look for staff who love serving people with excellence. Knowing our core-values help potential staff members decide if they are a good match for employment with us.

1. Honoring God by how we serve our guests and treat our coworkers.
2. The pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our guest’s experience, this includes what we build, how it is built and the values of the staff members we employ.
3. Promote a wholesome, safe family-centric environment.
4. Surprise and delight our guests with big, fun outdoor experiences.
5. Promote farming and agriculture so every visitor learns something.
6. Respect for all animals and the land we work.


1. Christmas-tree Field Maintenance Team. These staff members work after school and during the summer. Mowing, working on irrigation systems and shearing trees.
2. The Field-trip Team comprises moms who work weekdays during October through December and in the Spring. These are our Pumpkin, Christmas, and Spring field trip seasons. Field Trip Team responsibilities include enthusiastically leading elementary classes on organized and fun educational days on the farm.
3. Seasonal Event Staff. We employ high school and college students to manage each of our attractions during seasonal farm operations: October Pumpkin Days, Christmas Tree Selling days, Spring Event Days and for Corporate Picnics. To help ensure the safety of our guests, a background check is part of the employment process.

If you would like to know more about employment at Mainstay Farm email a letter-of-interest with your resume to and put “Human Resources” in the subject line.

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