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The farm is busy during the summer. Even though it's hot we do Family Reunions, Private Events and our trees are growing.

Our large retired dairy barn is 30,000 square feet and is open-air and equipped with oscillating misting fans. It is perfect for a private event, reception or reunion. The seating capacity can serve as small as 70 and as large as 1,200. We have two permanent bandstands: one is an outside bandshell; the other is in the large open-air barn.

Our Facility

For your summer event all of our activities can be operational. The trees in the field are putting out new growth for the following Christmas. Book your event with us and come have Big Time Fun!

Mainstay Farm has parking for 500 cars plus a helicopter landing area and bus parking. The "Last Resort" is our large permanent mens and ladies clean restroom facility that is wheel chair friendly.

Work around the farm

During the Summer months we spend valuable time working on bringing you the best possible experience at Mainstay Farm. Summertime is when we focus most of our attention on building new activities and attractions, growing our Christmas trees, organizing events, maintaining the landscape, and building upgraded structures that make your time at the farm even more fun!
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  • Pedal Carts

    Pedal Carts

    Named for Mainstay Farm's donkey-mascot "Buggy," our paved race track is home to race fans old and young.

  • Chalk Car

    Chalk Car

    When you come upon a bucket full of chalk, you take one... give one to each of your kids... and start drawing.

  • The Dig

    The Dig

    Kids love to dig, and we've got the perfect spot.

  • Duck Races

    Duck Races

    Old-fashioned water-pump handles provide the propulsion and the rubber ducks float as fast as you can pump.

  • Yummy Food

    Yummy Food

    Home-cooked farm cuisine is our specialty.

  • Fishing Pond

    Fishing Pond

    Mainstay Farm's tank is stocked with channel catfish.

  • Tractor Hayride

    Tractor Hayride

    Catch a ride on one of Mainstay's covered hayless hay wagons.

  • Jumping Pillow

    Jumping Pillow

    It's impossible to jump without laughing your head off on Mainstay Farm's jumping pillow.

  • Three-Story Treehouse

    Three-Story Treehouse

    You must be kidding; a three-story tree house? Nope, you heard right! And to get down, just pick a slide.

  • Flying Fox Zipline

    Flying Fox Zipline

    A low zip-line with a pommel seat for the rider. Yeeeeee Haaaaaaa!

  • Superchute Slide

    Superchute Slide

    Grab a burlap sack and jump in the chute for the 5 second ride of your life on our 100 foot super chute slide.

  • Hay & Play Barn

    Hay & Play Barn

    A big barn full of hay is the perfect place to explore, climb, jump and play.

...and much more!

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