Texas Statutes. Title 4. Limitation of Landowners’ Liability. Chapter 75




– Visitor, Individual or Family Photography

Mainstay Farm is a beautiful location for photography. We welcome guest snapshots. Please note: photography utilizing a professional photographer require additional fees discussed in next section.


We highly value our visitors and want to ensure a pleasant experience for them. Mainstay guests are welcome in all public areas. As a courtesy, if a guest is asked by another guest not to take pictures of that person or others accompanying that person, the request must be honored to protect personal rights of privacy. If a picture has already been taken, it must be deleted upon request.


– Photography Utilizing a Professional Photographer

Mainstay Farm hosts a number of events throughout the year: Family Pumpkin Days, Christmas Tree Selling Days, and Spring Break Days. These activity-filled events draw large crowds, and for your satisfaction, we do not permit wedding and bridal photography during signature events, however we do allow professional portrait photography on these dates. To shoot professionally on dates the farm is open to the general public, photographers are required to check-in at the Mainstay Farm office or Haymarket upon arrival. Fees are:



Check-in and Entry

Upon arrival, photographers must sign-in and register the photo session at the farm office. Photographer will provide their photo I.D to be left on-file during the shoot. All session participants must be present and enter as a group.


– Television, product and other commercial work

Mainstay Farm is a beautiful location for commercial film, television and still photography. Call us to discuss your project and for rates and available dates: 817-295-6772.


Dog Policy

Yes, we are dog friendly.

  • All dogs must be on a leash with leash-in-hand at all times. Our goal is to have zero incidents. Because all dogs – no matter how nice – can bite, and all dogs – meeting another dog – can fight.
  • If you bring your dog, you agree to pick up after your dog with a plastic poop baggie. There are thousands of happy feet on our farm each week, and somebody WILL STEP IN IT, we guarantee it. So you’re welcome to bring your pup, if you agree to pick it up!


Jumping Pillow

  • You must be physically fit
  • No flips of somersaults
  • Remove jewelry and empty pockets
  • No jumping when deflated or wet
  • No footwear
  • Jump at arm’s length from others
  • Feet below waist at all times
  • Observe safety of others
  • No smoking. No alcohol. No drugs.
  • Exit jumping pillow cautiously
  • No additional objects allowed on pillow
  • Do not throw the sand


Superchute Slide

  • You must be physically fit
  • No head-first sliding
  • Keep arms and hands close to body
  • Do not touch sides of tube when sliding
  • Sit on burlap sack to slide
  • One person on slide at a time
  • Exit slide quickly at bottom
  • Do not re-enter slide at bottom
  • Do not throw objects down slide
  • No bare feet
  • Secure wallet, cellphone, etc.
  • Do not throw sand


Flying Fox

  • Signed waiver is required for this ride
  • Sit on pommel seat firmly
  • Hold center pipe securely
  • Do not stand on pommel seat
  • One rider at a time
  • Launch from lower landing
  • Hold feet straight in front of you
  • Stay on ride until it stops
  • To dismount, push center pipe away from you while holding it firmly
  • Use both hands to keep pommel seat from springing upward on dismount
  • Do not walk under flying fox ride


Pedal Karts

  • One-way riding only – all karts same direction
  • No crashing or bumping into other karts
  • Keep karts on track
  • Do not throw objects at riders
  • One rider per kart
  • Double karts are for 2 riders
  • Keep hands and feet inside kart
  • Parents may push children
  • No hogging karts, be considerate of others waiting to ride


Christmas Tree Days

  • Trees in the field are pre-tagged and priced according to size and grade.
  • If a tree is not tagged in our field, DO NOT CUT IT.
  • We purposefully do not tag/sell all trees because we must hold some back to become taller trees for next year.
  • During Christmas Tree Season, paid admission is required to play on the farm.


School Field Trips

  • Limited food service will be open during field trips.
  • School field trips are limited to students, teachers and chaperones only. Please do not bring siblings and friends.

Family Pumpkin Days

  • On Family Pumpkin Days, we do not give out a pumpkin with admission. Pumpkins are available for purchase.
  • In addition to the admission fee, add-on activities are available with the purchase of an all-day pass for each activity. These include: The Flying Fox (Waiver Required), Thrill Hill, and Apple Cannons



  • The HAYMARKET is open for business during most of our normal seasonal hours, including Pumpkin Days, Christmas Tree Days, Spring Break, & School Field Trips. We can also open by appointment if the available hours don’t work with your schedule. If you would like us to open the HAYMARKET for you call us at 817-295-6772 to schedule an appointment.


Event Tickets

  • Privacy: Any information that Mainstay Farm collects from customers will not be sold or shared with any third party.
  • Refund: Tickets purchased online can be used any Saturday during Pumpkin Days in October. Tickets are rain or shine and are non-refundable. After purchase you must print out your tickets and bring them to the farm to be scanned.